Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Reading Race

Oh my goodness, I am loving my students this year! So sweet and well-behaved. Our family schedule on the other hand is kicking my butt. The boys have opposite football schedules so my husband and I each take a kid, squeeze in homework and dinner where we can and basically see each other at bedtime. YUCK! My new obsession is Since I spend so much time in traffic, having a book to listen to has completely saved my sanity!!!

I have a new book club packet for Ready, Freddy! The Reading Race by Abby Klein. You can grab it for $3.50 in my TpT store.
It includes chapter reading comprehension questions, vocabulary, character analysis, answers requiring  text evidence, a related writing prompt, and a template for a bookmark craft !

My students really enjoy reading trade books during guided reading groups! I try to alternate between fiction and informational texts and work in different genres. I love when I notice a student gravitating towards a series or author because of something we read in group.

I'm late for bed so I'd better get going. I hope you all are having a great start to your year!!!



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