Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hamburger Paragraph Craft and Organizers Giveaway

Do you use the Hamburger Model to teach paragraph writing? I used to use generic organizers and it worked okay but I noticed that it was difficult for my students to remember all the parts, especially the conclusion. I am a visual learner so I realized having an anchor chart with a picture would be more memorable than just the words alone.

I love the hamburger analogy because all kids can relate to it. I brought a real hamburger bun in for my beginning lesson and said, "Mmm, doesn't this look delicious?" The students laughed, "NO!" "Why not?" I asked, playing like I was confused. "Because there is nothing in there!" they exclaimed. This was a great lead in to our discussion. The bun is perfect for the topic sentence and conclusion because not only are they clearly the beginning and end but they are made of the same material just like the conclusion is basically the topic sentence restated.

The body of the paragraph has three juicy details, making the writing more interesting just as the lettuce and tomato make the burger tastier. "But I like cheese on my burger,"one of my clever students quipped. "Ahh, that is wonderful. Then you can write four juicy details in your paragraph," I responded with a grin.

I am also very tactile so I expanded this experience for my students by creating the above craft they could make themselves. This was also a great assessment of who really understood my lesson. Could they assign the labels to the correct spots without looking at my model? The templates are included in the download.

To continue the visual aid, the outline of the hamburger was used when I created the graphic organizer. In my packet I included blank, lined, and dotted lines so hopefully everyone has something they can use. I also included a colored outline in case you are lucky enough to have a colored printer. If you glue things into your writer's notebook, you could have your students color one of these to add to a Hamburger Paragraph page.

The Hamburger Paragraph can be used with different types of writing. I included examples of  narrative, informative, explanatory and opinion pieces.
I have included all this is my Hamburger Paragraph Craft and Organizers packet. I'd love to give a copy away to a lucky follower. Just enter via Rafflecopter below and I'll pick a winner Sunday night.
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  1. What a great graphic organizer. I like how students can visualize their sentences using this organizer.
    -Lovely Nina
    Lovely Nina Designs

  2. Love this graphic organizer! Can't wait to use it!

  3. I have verbally used this comparison, but I love your intro with the real bun!

  4. I have not used this method, but feel this would be a great way to have them grow as writers!

  5. I heard about this idea from a class I took one summer but it was geared more towards junior high and high school students and I wasn't sure if it would work in the lower elementary, but I really like how you have laid it out. I think it would work nicely!

  6. Love this organizer. It's a great visual for the students.

  7. Love the visual. I think the idea of bringing in a hamburger bun would be a good idea. Very interested.

  8. Definitely inspired to try it now!

  9. I remember being taught the hamburger model when I was in elementary school! I think it is an easy way for writers to remember adding details is important :)