Monday, June 30, 2014

The Lemonade War and a Winner!

I finished another Book Club packet. This one is for The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies.
I needed some more advanced books for my higher second graders. This packet not only covers comprehension and vocabulary questions for each chapter but asks the students to infer with evidence, describe the characters, respond with their opinion, and identify figurative language.

Since this book is about a sibling fight, I also included a writing response page where my students will be asked to write a personal narrative about a time they fought with their sibling or friend (for those that don't have a sibling.)
As I have posted before, I find Book Clubs to work really well in my room. I assign the club a couple of chapters and the corresponding questions. My students are trained to write the answers in complete sentences so the reader can tell the question from their answer. When we meet back as a group we go over the questions and discuss the book so far. I find having these answers in writing helps me identify who has incomplete comprehension or difficulty in synthesizing the information they read. It is also a great way to apply the skills we learn in whole group to a novel they are reading on their own. What questions did you have at the end of that chapter? What can you infer about how that character is feeling? Can you identify the example of figurative language that we learned in whole group last week?

My students love it because it is a "real" book not a basal and they can take an Accelerated Reader test on it when they are done. Sometimes other groups will overhear some of what we discuss and ask, "Can we read that book next?" Music to my ears.

You can check this packet out in my TpT store or enter to win a copy below!

Congrats to Kim Menning on winning my new Hamburger Paragraph Craft and Organizers packet last week!

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