Monday, November 18, 2013

A Chilly Update

My furnace won't turn on. It tries, it clicks and hisses but no warm air blows out. Of course this happened over the weekend and when my husband was out of town. My chilly fingers are going to have to make this update brief.

My 2nd graders did the disguise a turkey project I have been doing for years. They wrote their own version of the turkey's escape.
This hamburger had real sesame seeds!

A pile of leaves.

An alien.

A Dodgers player.

A chef
Since we only started cursive a few weeks ago I let them choose if they wanted to write their final draft  in cursive or not. Most were excited and did. Love these kids!
My 1st graders are working on nouns so I adapted this turkey Cara shared a couple years ago. We wrote noun on the belly and brainstormed people, place, and thing examples for the feathers.
The 1st graders also enjoyed reading The Great Turkey Race by Steve Metzger and writing where they think the turkeys went at the end. This worksheet was from Tammy Lee.
I LOVE the Statue of Liberty!
I think the turkeys went to Paris. (See them climbing up the Eiffel Tower?)
The turkeys went to Hawaii.
I'll be back soon with some new things I'm cooking up. Hmm...maybe I should turn on the oven to warm up. 


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