Sunday, May 12, 2013


Happy Mother's Day!!! My boys made me my favorite fresh fruit crepes and hash browns. Yummmm!!!! They bought me jewelry and Yankee Candles that I love. But best of all they wouldn't let me do any chores! I snuck out to start the laundry and they insisted on folding and putting it away. My hubbie is making a yummy dinner too so I have been spoiled all day.

Today I thought I would blog about the game SPARKLE. Have you played it? My students beg to play and it takes no prep!
1. Students sit in a circle.
2. I say a spelling word, let's use AWAY as an example.
3. I point to the first student and they say the first letter, A. I then point to the next student and they say W. Third student says A and fourth student says Y. The fifth student is out and we all yell SPARKLE!  (I have my students go back to their desk so it is clear who is out.)
4. If a student says the wrong letter, they are out and play continues on to the next player.
5. Play continues with the next spelling words around the circle until everyone is eliminated leaving the winner!
6. Not only a great review before the spelling test but practices listening skills as well.

Off to go enjoy the last of my leisure time!