Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Student Funny

We made these adorable pirates from Abby's Learning /ar/  with Pirate Mark unit this week.

 Does anyone else think they look like they are doing the robot?
This pirate looks like she just got back from the beauty salon!
  I added hair templates to the pattern and overheard some students discussing which direction to glue the boys hair; pointy side up or down? I laughed out loud when the answer was, "Down in his face like her son." Not sure which son they were thinking of but either would be true.
Both my boys walk over to my classroom at the end of the day and my students have a serious case of hero worship. It is adorable to watch!

Speaking of watching, I need to get off this computer and head to the baseball field for 3 games today!!! Gotta love those double-headers!


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  1. When my sons were young they walked over to my classroom too. My students loved when my boys built elaborate car tracks for them and put together Lego models. They are in their early twenties and have some pretty funny stories abut having a kindergarten teacher for a mom! I am a new follower!