Saturday, February 23, 2013

Updates, WInner, and Freebies

After many requests, I updated my Decoding Strategies pack to include a poster for each strategy. Here are a couple of examples:
If you have already bought this pack you can re-download and get the additions for free.

If you haven't checked out my best seller yet you can click {HERE} to take a peek.

I'm happy to announce that Lori Polkadotowl won my new Gilbert and the Lost Tooth Book Club packet!

 Now for the freebies. I think the Common Core has really helped me be more purposeful about teaching my students to explain their thinking. I make anchor charts like this support the standards of Mathematical Practice.

 The students use it to first decide which strategy (orange) they will try, then decide which tool (tool icons) they will use.  {You may remember I shared a subtraction one like this earlier in the year.}

This week we are working on addition strategies again, this time with a focus on doubles, near doubles, and making ten (Topic 14 for Envision users.)

The trick this week is for the students to determine which addition fact will best help them solve the problem. So after practicing each separately, I will give the students this cut and glue tree map to see if they can apply this knowledge to a strategy sort.

 If you'd like a free copy of the anchor chart and cut and glue sort just click {HERE.}
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