Tuesday, February 12, 2013

ValenTIME week

Congrats to Angie Henry who won a copy of The Day It Rained Nouns! I'll email it right out.
We have been working on time to the hour and half hour so today we played Time Traveler. In this game your partner picks the card and tells you what time to make on your real clock. Then the partner checks your work with the picture of the clock on the card. If you are correct you get to roll a die to see how many spaces to move. If you are incorrect, your partner explains what you did wrong. That way both partners are equally engaged the WHOLE TIME!
My students got a kick out of the fact that I rigged the spaces so if you landed on go ahead 2 you then landed on go ahead 1, etc.
Only $2 and can be differentiated with cards to the quarter hour as well.
Check out that mohawk! A couple weeks ago it was a SF for the Superbowl.

We also made the Love Monsters I saw on Teacher Bits and Bobs last year. I am low on black paper so we did it without. I introduced the project by explaining they were going to make a Love Monster and one of the girls immediately pointed to one of the cards from my Love Monster Read the Room set and said, "Like this?" A few others were worried about making the spikes, so I told them they could it make it however they wanted...

The writing about who they loved was so sweet. One boy wrote, "I love my brother because he is so cute." Another boy explained he loved his parents because they gave him food and water. Umm...I'm sure he didn't mean to sound like he was in prison. But this one cracked me up....
I love my friend Ashley because she is so fashionable! LOL!