Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine's Day Shocker & a Map Tip

We are still working on our map unit and I wanted to share a new thing we did this year for our models versus maps lesson that worked really well. This year we added colored popsicle sticks to the clay and pipe cleaners which was a big hit! My teaching partner Robi also found these old wood trays to build on which gave them a bigger surface and the kids said the ledges felt like a real playground.
Monkey bars, swings, sand box, teeter totter...
Basketball hoops, slide, sand box, swings...
Students drew a map of their playground. We completed a double bubble comparing maps and models. Then students wrote full sentences describing the ways they were alike or different.

We finished our map circles as well. We will have to finish the rest of the unit after break.
These activities and much more are available in my Me on the Map packet if you are interested.

In other news, we found out on Valentine's Day that our 7th grader has his first girlfriend!!!! He got a call at 7 AM so I asked who it was. He said it was his friend A.J. who wanted him to meet at school early. "Why, is it something about Valentine's Day?" I ask. He says, "Yes. He has a girlfriend." I continue to question, "So why does he want you to come early?" My husband interrupts up with the correct question. "Wait, do YOU have a girlfriend?" "Yes," Casey answers with a grin. My mouth drops open. "Were you going to tell anybody?" I ask in shock. My 5th grader Quinn pipes up, "He told me after the dance last Friday!" WHAT?! He has had a girlfriend for almost a week and I am only hearing about it now!!!! Luckily his friend A.J. has his act together and purchased teddy bears for both of them to give their girlfriends. Oh my....and it begins!
Casey and Nicole are on the right.



  1. Oh my goodness-that picture at the dance is soooo sweet!

    Tales From a Traveling Teacher

  2. Oh my word!!! Rue the day my 8th grader gets a boyfriend!! Of course, she'll probably keep it a secret from us, that sneaky girl!! Good luck with the teenage drama that will ensue when they break up (probably more from the girl than your on!) :)
    Love your models! Too fun!
    Kerri B
    Teacher bits and bobs

  3. Can I just say how excited I am that I already OWN your me one the map unit. I was checking out your cool models thinking "Oh boy, something else I will have to put on my wish list for later" And then I thought WAIT! I think I might have this. Turns out YAY! I am so excited and ready to get my map on. You think it would be tacky for me to mention how large my wish list is on TPT to my parents...