Thursday, February 28, 2013

Slurs, Saint Patty's math & a freebie

Well, I made it 2 whole months but  I had another incident with the aggressive, verbally abusive family. The banned family member sent other family members in to harrass me and an offensive slur was made towards me. The worst part is this happened in front of a boy I was tutoring and my own son. The catalyst? My refusal to return a Bakugan toy that I had confiscated.

So, my heart isn't really up for blogging right now but I wanted to make sure you saw this freebie in case you wanted to use it next week.

 Lucky ABC order center

You can download it for FREE by clicking on the picture below.

Next week we will playing Pot O' Gold which focuses on students verbalizing the strategies they use to solve addition problems. I focused on the strategies of doubles, near doubles, and making ten. The first player to cover up all the strategies on their board wins. I will use "gold" as the cover up pieces but you could use counters.

Partner 1 picks a card and tells his partner not only the answer but what strategy he used to solve the addition problem. The included math talk cards provide sentence frames to aid your students in practicing this skill.
 I also included a double ten-frame so students who need the extra scaffolding can use counters to help them make ten.
Pot O' Gold is only $2 in my TpT store right now.
How do you deal with work stress? I think I deserve a medal for managing to stay professional but perhaps a mani/pedi will suffice?