Thursday, January 31, 2013

This zombie is alive!

Sorry for the long absence but I caught the dreaded flu and missed an entire week of school. That is more sick days than I have used in my career combined. My cold also went to my chest so I am now taking two asthma medications and have been coughing badly for 2 weeks straight. I cracked two ribs a few years ago from severe coughing when I had pneumonia so I have been nervous it will happen again. Let me tell you, that experience was right up there with childbirth pain. This week I have been playing catch up and felt zombie like by evening so no energy to blog. Honestly, my posts would have been pretty close to last year about MLK and Tacky.

Luckily I was back for the 100th day. The 100 year old art project is my absolute favorite thing we do all year so I couldn't miss it. Of course, the kids said I was THE BEST TEACHER EVER because we made fruit loop necklaces!

This is less than half my class. I am super envious of those who can get all their kids in one shot.
I got an email saying my groundhog pattern I posted last year using Scribd was giving people trouble so I uploaded it to Google Docs for you. Click here for the FREE pattern. You can read my post about the books we read, our writing, etc from last year here. Today we wrote our prediction if the groundhog would see his shadow or not. Since it is on Saturday I told the kids to watch the news and come ready Monday to say if their prediction was correct or not.
The paper is from Teacher Bits and Bobs
I wanted to make something to use those cute dice I found in the Target $1 bins so I made a Valentine's version of Roll Say Keep. We will use our sight word cards from my Sight Word Superstars program so each student is working on their own color goal (you can read more about that here if you are interested,) I included blank cards (not yellow) in the download so you could use your own sight words or add a different skill. I also included directions in case you aren't familiar with this game. Click HERE to download for free.

I'm joining in the TpT Super Sale on Sunday if you'd like to get 28% off Sight Word Superstars or one of my 40 other products. I'll be cheering on the 49ers while I am transferring items off my wishlist into my cart! Click on the pic below to visit my store and don't forget to enter the promo code: SUPER.
Thanks to the First Grade Fanatics for sharing this cute banner!



  1. This flu season is the worst yet for teachers!
    I was barely hanging on for 3 weeks....I am sending you many, many get well wishes!
    Happy Friday!
    Your 100 year olds look FABULOUS for their age!

    1. Julie,
      Thanks for the well wishes. I am in week 3 and starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  2. Hi Jenn, I hope you are on the road to recovery soon! I just adore your 100 year old art project and would love to see you sell the templates. There doesn't appear to be anything like it out there and I would be the first in line to buy it.


    1. Janice,
      I am starting to feel better, thanks. I thought about selling my version of this art project but there is another popular seller who does something similar (although hers is all paper) and I didn't want to be accused of copying. The selling thing gets hard sometimes. I just saw someone post a packet that looks just like one I had started. Now I don't feel like I can post mine because people will think I copied even though I thought of it myself and have been teaching that concept with that technique for years. Sometimes I miss the old days when everyone shared for free but then, TpT helps my family make ends meet since my husbands employment situation hasn't been good for the last few years so I can't regret my decision to start selling. I try to balance it by posting my projects so others can feel free to copy them if they wish and offer freebies often. Wow, this turned into a post rather than a reply, sorry.

    2. Jenn, That is what I appreciate most about people is integrity ! I completely respect the what you are saying here. I will be thinking of you in a couple of weeks when we make your 100 year olds - I will just have to take the time to make my own templates - and it will be so worth it; they are SO completely adorable. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas and talents with us!