Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I made a font!

Happy New Year! Although working right up to Christmas was hard, I have to say having this entire week off is really nice. I am so relaxed, getting a lot of quality ME time which I don't often do. I have been reading a ton (my absolute favorite past time) but I also have been playing with my new ipad!

I have only downloaded one app so far and it was ifontmaker. I have a font obsession so it was really fun to make my own.  Here is my first attempt. This is how I sometimes write my anchor chart titles. Click on the pic below to download it. If you use it I would appreciate a link back to my blog but no worries if you forget.

I named it JB Aglets because the "tubes" reminded me of the plastic on the end of your shoelace. Did you know those had a name? Is it weird that I did? It came up in casual conversation with my family the other day so I guess it was on my mind. WHAT? You don't discuss aglets around your dinner table?

Anyone know if there is a way to take a finished font and just change the properties like make the line thicker or do I have to redo it all? Also,  is there a way to search for other people's creations? Going to have to go spend some more time on there tonight. Hmmm.... what should I make next?

The other thing I have mostly used my ipad for is watching ALIAS from Amazon Instant Videos. OMG, I loved this show and it so nice to clean, put laundry away, etc while watching Sydney kick some butt! It makes chores so much more enjoyable!

Okay, off to make dinner. My husband will be shocked because he has mostly taken over cooking the last few years. Look at all the energy I have when it isn't zapped by 30 first graders. I even painted by nails this week! I am usually much too lazy because it doesn't seem worth it if it chips within days. Anyway, I went with OPI Meet For Drinks. Do you have a favorite shade?