Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Catch-up!

I took a little time off blogging. I had another incident with the my confrontational parent. It was bad. She is seriously schizophrenic and started making false accusations that could be serious. My principal has now told her she may not enter my room unescorted nor speak to me without the principal present. I have a plan to immediately go into my neighbor's room if I ever find myself alone with her. Even though I knew I had done nothing wrong I was very unsettled. Then Sandy Hook happened and I took it especially hard. I am not sure if it was because of the threatening situation I was in, the fact that I teach the same age, or if perhaps my reaction would have been the same regardless? The only good thing is it helped me have more patience with my students who have been acting like there is a full moon. I am hoping it was mostly Christmas excitement (thanks district for keeping us in school through the 21st this year!) Passing notes to cheat on the math test, punching on the playground, making clubs and not letting others join.... no problem, I just envisioned the news showing the pictures of those poor Sandy Hook children and we got through.

So to catch up...
I am not sure Jingles improved their behavior much but I had fun with him. :-)
Jingles tried to pull Santa out of the chimney.

I was pleased when someone yelled out, "Look, he made a growing pattern!"
Riding the ladybug!
Picnic with Pete.
Snowball fight!!!!!
I love Pinterest and found most of my Christmas projects there! I pinned the snowman Christmas ornaments last year so I bought the clear bulbs in the summer when I found them at RAFT for a great price. The only problem was I bought the medium ones and the holes were pretty small so it took me over 5 hours to fill 30 bulbs with the fake snow!!!! Luckily I spaced it out over a few nights but still not cool in this especially busy time of year. I also wrote each child's name and the year in black Sharpie.

We used tempera paint and q-tips for the face but I think Sharpies would have been just as good. I bought sparkly pom-poms and pipe cleaners and let the kids pick. Many liked to mix and match which drives me batty but I kept my mouth shut and hot-glued on whatever they told me!
We also decorated my door.
I filled these cute containers with all different mints and added the tag for my parent volunteers.

 We made nutcrackers and wrote about them. It always cracks me up why they say he doesn't eat nuts.

We read lots of gingerbread stories and wrote about how we ate a gingerbread cookie (yum) using Lori's packet. I pulled out various craft supplies and let the kids go to town decorating their own gingerbread person.

We performed our annual holiday chorus which is always a big hit with the parents.

I also need to announce the 2 winners of the Me on the Map unit giveaway. SO sorry for the delay.

Congrats to Bren P. and Julie Marciniak I will email them right out to you! Click on the picture if you are interested in a map unit.

Alrighty friends, I am off to go try to catch up with some of your blogs! I hope everyone is having a safe, relaxing holiday and enjoying your family. Hugs and happy thoughts to all!!!!!



  1. Hang in there! I have my own version of crrrraaaaazzzzzzyyyyyy parent this year. It will get better :)

  2. It's so good that you have support from your admin. Hang in there, don't let one crazy person steal your joy from teaching. I know that's easier said than done right now, but it will pass. Enjoy your time off!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  3. Just remember that our First Grade kiddos can be challenging most of the time. You will be so pleased when you get back in January and find them just a bit more mature than when they left in December. As for the parent that is so difficult to deal with, don't engage in her craziness, be polite but unavailable as much as possible. Sending Best Wishes!

    Lisa Marie

  4. Love your pics. It looks like your school babies had a great time!!...We also had school until the 21st. That last week was the LoNgEsT week of my life!! We had the flu going around our school. I kept thinking if we were out that some of the sickness could have been prevented. I hope that those germs die while we are out!! ...I hope your family had a Merry Christmas!!
    Mrs. Christy’s Leaping Loopers

  5. Your ornaments look awesome! I totally understand the confrontational parent! It does help when administration is on your side and when they are supportive! I hope you enjoy your days off!

    Karmens Kinders

  6. I had very similiar behavior in my first grade class right before Christmas. I'm praying it was the excitement and keeping my fingers crossed all will be calm come January. We can only hope(: Enjoy your break!

  7. We are going to be hosting a guest blog hop over at our blog and would be honored if you would participate. Thank you for considering. Stephanie

  8. You sure ended 2012 with lots of fun activities. I'm so glad you were able to use my GB unit. Yours came out super cute. Enjoy your vacation!

    ΡΌ Lori
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  9. Wow, hope you have a restful break! Sorry to hear about all of your difficulties. Wishing you lots of peace, love, and laughter in 2013!

    Smiling and Shining in Second Grade

  10. I laughed aloud when I saw Jingles and his adventures... My three year old loved him too! Such a good idea! I love your classroom door as well.
    Thank you so much for sharing :)

  11. I am so sorry to hear about your situation. I had a similar thing happen a few years ago with a NUT who made false accusations as well and who would pop into my classroom at any time (our campus was open at that time--no fences can you believe that??!!). Anyway, I started having nightmares about him and just as I was about to pull my 'right to refuse service' card (have you heard of that?), my very understanding principal moved the student to another class, and shortly later their was a restraining order filed anyway by his wife.

    I feel for you!!! Hope you've had a restful holiday!!

    Tales From a Traveling Teacher