Monday, June 18, 2012

Shift Happens & CCSS Kindergarten Pack

Many comments on my last post asked me to share anything I could about my Common Core training so I thought I might devote a few posts. Here goes...

At first, I thought that the Common Core wasn't that big a change from our California state standards. I figured, "Okay, so I lose coins and pick up a little fractions, no biggie."  BUT, what I learned is there are some MAJOR SHIFTS in the WAY we are to teach and students are to learn.

I loved this video! So what does this mean? Clearly we need to focus on teaching our students how to be good thinkers and be able to sift through information and decide what to do with it.  Isn't this opposite of how it is now? Don't students wait to be told the "right" way and then try to copy it exactly to get the correct answer? Isn't that sad? Is there only one right way? Wouldn't it be amazing to have a classroom full of students who think of their own, independent answers, feel comfortable and confident in explaining how they got there, and respect others points of view? Can you imagine how this would better our future workforce?

One of the major shifts in the Common Core standards is the emphasis on students explaining (orally and written) HOW they got their answer and providing evidence.

What will this look like?  This means less filling in bubbles, and more free-response tests or PBAs (Performance Based Assessments.)  It also means providing more opportunities for students to orally explain their thinking. This likely means more formative assessments, hence my idea to make checklists to keep myself on track. 

As requested, I made a Kindergarten version of my Common Core Assessment Pack.
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If you don't know what I am talking about you can read my original post by clicking here.

I will pick one winner tomorrow to receive a FREE copy of this pack. To be eligible, comment below on the video, this post, tell me you pinned it, your thoughts or questions,  a book recommendation now that I am done with 50 Shades?

And yes, I am working on 2nd and 3rd grade packs for those of you who asked. I think I am getting carpal tunnel from all this typing!