Friday, July 25, 2014

Chevron Jewelry Display

My old jewelry box just wasn't working for me anymore. I couldn't see what I had and I was tired of digging around to find what I wanted. I went online thinking I would buy something to hang on my wall but I couldn't find anything I liked. Pinterest inspired me to make my own!
 I started with a four pack of 12 x 12 cork boards.
 Like many of you, I am obsessed with chevron and found this fabric at Joannes. There were a lot of great fabrics there but I didn't want anything too busy so the jewelry would stand out. 
I used a hot glue gun so it was easy to do. The only tricky part was the corners. The good news is that no one will see the back!

 I added a yarn bow to two of the boards so I could hang my earrings. 
 I used clear pushpins since that is what I had. I may change them out if I find some silver ones but these pretty much disappear which is good.
One of the reasons I went with yarn over ribbon was that I wanted to be able to easily insert post earrings.

The whole project cost me less than $15 and I am happy with how it turned out!



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