Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's BUMP

We celebrated Valentine's Day today since we have PD tomorrow and no school Friday.
I made a grammar version of BUMP to play which my 2nd graders LOVED!
Instead of snap cubes, we used conversation heart candy and mini heart erasers. 

 I included directions in the packet in case you are not familiar with Bump.

After we exchanged cards, we had an assembly by Wildlife Associates. They brought a red fox, red-tailed hawk, great horned owl, raccoon, and porcupine!

Sand Art
After lunch the parents organized games for the kids.
Dart Bow Shooting!

Knock the teddy off the cans by throwing bean bags

Squirt the ping pong ball off the tee and Minute to Win It stacking conversation hearts
I hope you have a fun day!


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  1. I gave you a little "shout out' today. Check it out. Thanks for such a great activity that I can do with my firsties!

    Karen Rowland
    Adventures With Firsties