Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Beach Bummed and Book Clubs

I am super envious that so many of you are on break this week!! Did everyone go somewhere sunny but me? I had a few days off so I can't complain too much.  My brother got 27 stitches after ripping his finger open so I was reminded to appreciate my health. I thought about posting the pics but I didn't want to gross you out. Think Frankenstein zig-zags down his entire middle finger. Poor guy.

I posted some new book club packets.  My students are getting SO good at writing their answers in complete sentences. I taught them a trick to cover the first couple of words (usually the who, what, why, etc.) Today I overheard one student nicely reminding a friend, "Remember, we never start with the dreaded BECAUSE." LOL, love hearing my own words repeated back!

This packet covers two National Geographic Kids informational texts at a 2nd grade reading level.
Here are a few sample pages.

I wanted a shorter fun book to use with my higher first graders so I introduced them to the Black Lagoon series. This book is great for practicing inferring and discussing character change.

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