Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Editable Chevron Binder and Calendar

Are you hooked on chevron like I am? I decided to make my teacher binder in the chevron theme this year. I was feeling the yellow and black this year. I like to change it up, last year I had a blue theme going.
I love having everything I need in one place. This year I am trying Avery Index Maker dividers. They stick out farther than regular dividers AND have a clear page protector. That way I can insert my pretty chevron title pages that make me happy.
I wanted the index to stick out farther because I have sub dividers in both my Grades and Guided Reading sections. I love these Avery Style Edge dividers.
Once I got creating I decided I needed a matching calendar.
I wanted maximum space to write to I left off the weekend but added a weekly planning box to keep track of the theme or unit.
I like one vertical page so I can look at it quickly and not have to turn the binder to the side.
I use these 8 dividers:
Lesson Plans-I made my own template and type my plans every week. Click HERE for a free copy. I left it a word doc so you can edit it but be warned the formatting and fonts could be off and need some adjusting.

Calendar-I use this to jot down special events, meetings, changes in schedule, etc.

Standards-I refer to my Common Core Assessment Checklists often.

Grades-I use the cluster pages form my CCSS Checklists and I made some similar ones for Science,   Social Studies, etc.

Guided Reading-I have dividers for each reading group, sight words, and reading levels.

Field Trips-I keep masters of permission slips and notes about planning here.

Student Info-I like to start the year with a quick glance of who is in RSP (Resource Specialist Program), Speech, has medical issues I should be aware of, etc.  I shared this form last year but updated so click HERE to download.

Meetings-I keep staff, committee, and grade level notes here.

I find this all-in-one binder system works the best for me.

I put this Editable Chevron Teacher Binder and Calendar pack on TpT this morning. I  included the pages I used plus 23 chevron pages that you can edit to add your own titles. Want to pick a different color for your cover? No problem, just add a text box. Don't like the font? No problem, add a text box. Want to add events to the calendar before you print? No problem, add a text box! I spent many, many, many hours on this so I think it is a steal at $4!
I'd like to give a copy away to say thank you for following me.  Enter below and good luck! The only thing I need to add to my binder is a pencil pouch with my favorite pens, pencils, a highlighter, and a small calculator. Do you get the same thrill from office supplies? I think all teachers do, right?
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  1. Great looking binder! Love the colors!


  2. Love, love, love your editable chevron teacher binder!

  3. I love new markers and pens! :) Bforbes89@gmail.com

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  5. My favourite supply is sticky notes and pens!

  6. My favorite school supply... well I have two... markers and gel pens... LOL!


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  8. My favorite school supplies are Papermate Flair pens and smelly markers! :) Love your chevron binder.

  9. Your planner looks awesome!!! My favorite school supply would have to be fadeless paper...I use it for everything!!! I also just bought some Flair pens today, which I have a feeling I'm not going to be able to live without!! :)

    A Sunny Day in First Grade

  10. The planner looks great! I love chevron. My favorite school supply would have to be Flair pens!


  11. My favourite school supply...hmmm...hard to pick one. I love brand new crayons! So lovely, sharp and such potential.

  12. My favorite school supply are plastic baggies. Everything goes into baggies to store and sort.

  13. Laminator is a favorite school supply!

  14. My favorite school supply is Sharpies!! In EVERY color :)

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  18. Love the binder! My favorite school supply has to be markers! Or maybe pens .... or maybe anything that has to do with school!! School supply shopping is the best!

  19. I love new smelly markers !


  20. I love Bic Flair markers in lots of colors! or any markers or any office supply!

  21. I love to get new markers or sharpies!

  22. Your binder is superb! Love the vertical calendar page. My favorite school supply is brand new crayons.

  23. I love markers (the Crayola Black skinny ones...)! And Sharpie pens are my fave!

    Enchanted Kinder Garden

  24. I love markers - all sorts!! :)
    Julene Hoffman

  25. I, too, have succumbed to the all colorful Chevron!!! I am SO addicted!! My husband tells me I need therapy for my addiction to school supplies. The way I see it is I could be addicted to MUCH WORSE!!! LOL!!


  26. Love it! Chevron is so fun plus nice to be able to edit. Thanks for creating!

  27. I love new colorful pens, sharpie markers, or sharpies.

  28. Love the binder!
    I am addicted to markers as well...Sharpies and Flair are my favorites!

  29. Thanks for the pictures and freebies. Love the way you have your binder organized!