Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Daily Editing Word Problems Update and Giveaway!

I have finally finished updating my Daily Editing Word Problems to align with the Common Core! Phew, that took FOREVER but now I am set for the ENTIRE YEAR!

I also made two major improvements:
1. The whole week is now on one page.
2. There is now an answer key!
I have posted before that my students complete this as morning work but it could also be used as a math warm-up. In the last few years I have used these in conjunction with a calendar page (Cara's and my own version) and as a stand alone in a math notebook. Both ways worked great, just depends how much time you have. Here are some cute pics from years past:
 The first half of the year we circle sight words, add punctuation and capitalization, and solve the math problem. We discuss the key words, draw a picture, and write a number sentence if applicable.

The second half of the year we do all the above but I have also added spelling errors to correct.

The kids LOVE getting picked to share their work under the document camera and I LOVE that I have a roomful of confident kiddos able to explain how they knew how to solve the problem. They also get wise and know I'll call for a second person to share if they can explain an alternative way to arrive at the answer or use a different tool (number line, ten frame, 120 chart, etc.) Can you say Standards for Mathematical Practice? And I was doing it before I even heard about the good ole Common Core Standards!

If you have bought these previously, the awesome news is that you can go to your TpT purchases page and download this major update for FREE! If not, this Daily Editing Word Problems {Common Core} pack for the WHOLE YEAR is available in my TpT shop.

I am going to give this updated pack to a loyal follower so enter below!
I have one week until I go back. Yikes, why does summer always go by so fast!
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  1. Of course I already follow you. You were my first "find" when I started reading first grade blogs. My favorite school supply is fancy markers. I love smelly markers and all the fun colors!


  2. I already follow you. Binders! Love them!

  3. I already follow you! :) My favorite item to buy is tape (all different kinds). ;)

  4. I already follow you, too! My favorite item to buy is broad tipped markers.

  5. I love smelly markers!

  6. I already follow you. I think I will have to go with either sharpies or cardstock!
    Karen Rowland
    Adventures With Firsties

  7. I have to say flair pens :)


  8. Pens, pens and more pens :)


  9. Thank you for all your work on this unit's updats Jenn; it looks great!

  10. Jenn, I love this product! I've used it for a few years with my firsties and I'm super excited to download the update! Thank you!! I like that you posted the samples that your students completed. Mine weren't nearly so detailed - this will inspire them -- and me! I have a system we use to check our answers on the white board (listing all the capitals, spelling mistakes, etc.) Pretty soon the kids start leading that review at the board. It's so cute and they do a wonderful job! I also frequently hear "my words" coming out of their mouths. :)
    Thanks for sharing!!
    Teacher Treasure Hunter

    1. Awww, you just made my night! I'm so glad you are finding this product helpful.

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    1. And I love crayons and colored pencils. There's something about a factory sharpened pencil that I just adore and the smell of new crayons is so school-y!

  12. I follow you and I always love a new box of pointy Crayola crayons.

  13. I follow you! And I love Mr. Sketch smell markers -- the kids always love to see which one I will check their work with :)

  14. Already a follower!:)
    Julene Hoffman

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  16. I'm a follower (kidzread). Thanks for the opportunity.

  17. I already follow! Would love to try this pack!

  18. I would love to win this pack and I am your newest follower:) Have a great day:)

  19. I am a follower. Mr. Sketch markers are the best!

  20. I follow via email,
    I would love to win this pack. Thanks for the opportunity :)

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