Sunday, March 24, 2013

Night in Jail and a Easter Egg Center Freebie

Congratulations to Monica Mize on winning my Easter Bunny Craftivity!
Did you do anything cool this weekend? I didn't either but my husband and two boys did. They got to sleep on Alcatraz Island in a prison cell last night!

Notice both my boys are in dire need of haircuts but they keep saying long hair is cool and can I just trim it for them? I wish I could find a hairdresser who got what they wanted but every time we try they end up with the typical boy cut and they are SO MAD.

While they were gone I got myself a haircut, mani/pedi and leisurely walked around Target. It was heaven! I bought some new baskets for my Easter Egg Spelling center this week.
 Last year the kids drove me batty because letters would be found and they didn't know which egg it went to. This class has even more trouble taking care of things so I knew I had to come up with a better system this year.
I put the number that matches the egg on each letter tile and I color-coded the frame to match the color of the basket! I am going to explain this system to my class with hopes that the leaders will be able to help the others. 
Click on the picture to download.

I'm sure you don't have the same spelling words but I did make my recording sheet available as a free download if you can use it.

Now I have to go finish the laundry. I am listening to The Host on audiobook which makes chores seem less painful. I read the book many years ago so I thought it would be good to refresh before I see the movie. Any other Stephenie Meyer fans?
 As much as I want to see The Host, I may end up seeing G.I. Joe:Retaliation first. Surprised? Well, I'll see anything with Channing Tatum but the real reason is I taught the director when he was in middle school (back when I taught at a small private school.) I still remember the day in 7th grade when he started adding the middle initial to his signature, Jon M. Chu, so it sounded better when he was famous some day. :-) He was making movies even back then and we knew he was destined for great things. In high school he wrote this spoof on Romeo and Juliet based on the Mac and PC war that was big back then that I thought was extremely clever.  Jon is one of those rare people who have that elusive "it" factor.
You may not have seen Step Up 2 or 3D or Justin Bieber: Never Say Never but I bet you have seen his commercial. Okay, enough dating myself. Enjoy the rest of your night my friends.