Saturday, August 18, 2012

Back to School!

Hey strangers! I have not visited blogland in a week due to school starting. That must be a record for me. I still don't have time right now but I wanted to hop on to tell you I contributed my Daily Editing Math Word Problems to the First Grade Fanatics Back to School Giveaway so go check it out!

My new class has some interesting characters I'd love to tell you about but I'm not sure how much I can?? I 'm trying to decide if I don't use names or pictures is that okay?

I leave you with my favorite quote of the week:
"My hair is black except it looks blonde when the lice is in it."
I wish I could have seen my expression.

I'm going out on a date with my hubbie but I hope to be able to visit with all of you soon! I hope you all are doing well at the crazy time!!!