Monday, April 5, 2021

Retail Therapy!

 Did you hear that TpT is holding a site-wide sale April 6th & 7th?

 My entire store will be 20% off and if you use the code FORYOU21 you will get an additional 5% off!

Do you pre-shop? I habitually add things to my wishlist when I see something interesting so I will go through there an add things to my cart. Also, I visit my favorite shops to look at bundles since those are by far the best deal. 25% off an already discounted product? Yes please! While I am visiting, I make sure to grab all the freebies I can, don't you? 

I have a few bundles you may be interested in. Many teachers tell me book studies have been helpful during this pandemic year. If you'd like to try before you buy, I have a  FREE Chalk Box Book Study.

And of course digital centers have been great during distance learning. Has your school banned traditional centers due to sharing all the manipulatives? If you have access to digital devices, wiping down an iPad is quite quick.

I have a FREE Boom Card Vowel Digraph OO Sort you might like.

I also find sale days the perfect time to buy a more expensive item so it doesn't feel like as much of a splurge. 

At this time of year, I am already starting to think of next year so I sometimes buy with that in mind.
This product is one of my labors of love that made a tremendous impact for my students. I can't say enough about how valuable I think DAILY practice is to building skill and confidence. 

I have a FREE week of these available if you want to give them a try first.

I have many more FREEBIES so it might be worth a visit to my store

I hope you find something that will make your last couple months of this crazy year a little easier. 



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