Saturday, January 30, 2021

100th Day Remote or In Person?

Is your 100th Day celebration coming up? Will it look different this year due to Covid? 

If you look back at my blog over the years you will see many cute crafts, crowns, and fruit loop necklaces. 

Pro tip: Tape one end of your string to the desk so the cereal doesn't end up all over the floor!

Here is the 100 item counting mat if you are in person and can use it. 

If you are celebrating virtually, maybe have some fun with the free app Aging Booth?

Here is a cute picture from EduKate and Inspire as an example.

And you can still read 100th day stories! Do you Zoom? I found some stories on YouTube in case you'd rather have your students listen on their own.
Link to YouTube reading

Link to YouTube reading.

Link to YouTube reading.

It may look different but I bet you will still make it special for your students. 



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