Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Friends of Ten Giveaway!

I am so excited to show you what I've been busy working on. It is called Friends of Ten and I made it with my friend Lindsay! We were working on math curriculum this summer and commenting that learning the parts of ten is a core math skill that needs more attention. We wanted to make sure the partners to ten were really cemented into their young minds so we wrote an original rhyming story with our own creative number characters!
1. We will read this book to the class. We are going to print, laminate and bind into a book that can be reread later but you could also project it if you prefer.

2. We also made half sheet flashcards with just the character. We will start by randomly putting the cards up with magnets and asking volunteers to come partner up the characters to make ten. The next day we will flash the cards and ask the students to call out who the friend of ten is.
3. The students love mini-books so we created one they could reread. Coloring the characters will help ingrain the partners, plus the last page asks them to match the friends up.

4. How about a fun game to continue the practice? In Birthday Bash the students pick a birthday hat to wear and become that character. The object of the game is for students to find their friend of ten. When they find their partner,  they both check in with the teacher. If correct, the students receive a small prize (candy, sticker) and then pick new birthday hats to continue playing.  When time is called, students will be excited to share how many "friendships" they were able to make. The labels are included in the download so all you have to buy is the birthday hats at the dollar store!
5. Finally, there is a cut and glue worksheet that can be used for assessment or simply more practice.

Didn't Lindsay do a great job on the illustrations? I bet she'd get the warm fuzzies if you left her a comment.

As always, I am giving a copy away to a lucky follower. Enter below and good luck! If you have to have it NOW, click {HERE} to go to my store.
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  1. I already follow your blog and I know my students would really like this!! This would help us figure out how to get to 10 which they struggle with!!

  2. Very cute! It's true that this is a foundational concept they really need to grasp in first grade to move on to harder things. You obviously worked really hard on this! Btw, I am a new follower!

    Lindsey at Forever First Grade

  3. Love this idea! I spend a lot of time teaching sums of ten. I'm a long-time follower.

    Tanya ☺
    First Grade is Fantabulous!

  4. I follow your amazing blog and I think my kids would have fun with this!

  5. I love your stuff! I have been following you and think this packet is super! I think it would help the kids make sense with numbers!

  6. I love this packet. It is super cute!

  7. What a great packet! Would love to win!

  8. Would LOVE to use this with my first graders!

  9. I am follower and I think this is a great idea! I love the birthday party hat game.

  10. Longtime follower. You're unit looks GREAT! I love the idea!
    Karen Rowland
    Adventures With Firsties

  11. I think this is a great way to help students understand higher numbers! Thanks for the chance to win this awesome packet!
    I follow on Bloglovin!

  12. As always, I love your products!!

  13. I'm always looking for great resources to add to my curriculum & I think this will be very handy in teaching this concept! Thanks for sharing! :)