Thursday, June 13, 2013

Relaxation and Revision

I love summer! I feel so relaxed and still have time to get things done. 

I worked on revising my Daily Editing Word Problems for a few hours today. I have posted about my oral language/word problem combo before and how much I think this daily practice has helped my students. {Use the topics list on the side bar to go read those old posts if you like.}

 Anyway, I am working on aligning this packet to the Common Core. This means no more coins which makes me a little sad.  If you are not moving to the Common Core yet and have thought about purchasing this you might want to go buy this original version now before I update it. That way you can have the original AND the Common Core version once it is revised.
 I am also working on some formatting changes suggested by current users:
1. All the questions for the week will be on the same page.
2. Each question strip is shorter to better fit in smaller notebooks.

If you have used my Daily Editing and have any other suggestions I am open to hearing them. You can comment below or email me at