Thursday, December 9, 2010

Snail Olympics!

Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to the Snail Olympics!

Event 1: The Big Race
How many centimeters can your snail travel in 2 minutes? We followed the slime trail with a piece of string and then measured that against a ruler.

Whisper cheering was allowed. "Go snail go!"

Event 2: Hurdles
How many pencils can your snail make it over in 2 minutes?

Event 3: Mountain Climbing
Can your snail make it to the top in 2 minutes?

Event 4: Tunneling
How many tubes can your snail make it through in 3 minutes?

No matter how their snail did, everyone had a blast!



  1. This looks like so much fun! Where did you get your snails? Did you keep them in the classroom throughout your entire project? Do you have a copy of any of the worksheets you used?

  2. I am very lucky to work at a Environmental Science Magnet School. We have a science resource teacher and lab. We live in CA so snails are still around. We just collected from our yards and they were kept in the science lab. You could keep them in your classroom, just add some greens and chalk. I only have a hard copy of the worksheets and they are at school and we are on break. I can see about scanning it in January if you are interested?

  3. Ohhhhhh my gosh!!!! HOW FUN IS THAT!????

    I'm jealous!